Call Center Jobs: Myths And Facts About Working In A Call Center

19 May 2015
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If you are currently looking for a new full-time job or a part-time job to help you earn a little extra money alongside your current job, then you may frequently come across listings for jobs in call centers. Like many people who have never worked in one of these centers, you may hesitate to apply, because you just don't know what to expect when working this type of job. Or, you may believe some of the common misconceptions about working in a call center or as a telemarketer. Don't pass up on that job quite so fast, because once you have an idea what you will really be doing at work, you may realize you are missing out on a great opportunity. 

Myth #1: All Call Center Jobs Involve Cold-calling Telemarketing

Many people think that most or all call center jobs are telemarketing positions. While some are, there are many other types of call centers. Many companies outsource their customer service departments to call centers, and one type of call center job is very similar to working in the customer service department of a store or office, only you get to perform all of your tasks sitting in a comfortable office and speaking to people over the phone instead of face-to-face. 

You may take customers' orders, help process product returns or exchanges, or just give customers more detailed information about a product they are considering purchasing from an e-commerce website. This type of call service job is perfect for someone who enjoys working in customer service but just does not enjoy working long hours on their feet in a brick-and-mortar store. 

Myth #2: You Have to Be a Great Salesperson to Work as a Telemarketer

Some call center jobs do involve telemarketing, and there are many myths surrounding this profession. The myth that may make you quickly rule out working as a telemarketer is the misconception that you must be a great salesperson to make a good living in telemarketing. This myth likely stems from the fact that many people think that telemarketers just randomly call people from phone directories and try to sell them products or services. 

The truth is that very few, if any, telemarketing companies use cold-calling. It is simply not a good business strategy, and having staff call random people from a phone directory would end up being a huge waste of effort and money for the company. Most telemarketing companies only have employees call "warm contacts".

When calling warm contacts or warm leads, you will be contacting people who have already shown interest in the product or service offered by the company you are working for. They may have purchased products from the company in the past, filled out forms stating that they want more information about the company's products, or shown interest in what the company is offering in another way. 

That means that every person you call is interested in what the company you are working for is providing. You are simply giving them information about what they have already considered purchasing, so you don't have to worry about using any hard sales techniques to convince anyone to purchase anything. 

Myth #3: Working in Any Type of Call Center is Boring and Monotonous

If you look at those call center job listings and immediately picture yourself stuck in a small, dark cubicle with your face stuck to a phone for your entire shift, then you are indeed visioning a job that would be very boring and monotonous. The atmosphere of most call centers is absolutely nothing like this vision, as call center owners and managers know that keeping employees in great moods is key to making sure they interact with customers in an up-beat, friendly way. 

For this reason, you may find working in a call center really one of the most enjoyable jobs you have ever had. You will likely work in an office with lots of windows and a great view. You will also work alongside other employees whom you can chit-chat with on your breaks. This makes working in a call center a fun, enjoyable job that many people enjoy working a few hours every evening as a refreshing break from their high-stress day jobs. 

Before you pass right over those call center job listing when job-hunting, get rid of your misconceptions about these jobs. You may end up loving a position in a call center after you find one perfect for you. 

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