Developing A Software Product With A User Interface? 2 Things Your Team Should Keep In Mind

20 November 2015
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As soon as a new client approaches your company and asks your team to design a custom software program, your employees might be bubbling over with excitement. Instead of attentively listening to the customer's needs and trying to understand the workflow, your team might be trying to think of ways to make the product innovative, exciting, and marketable. However, if that software will contain a user interface, your team should keep these two things in mind: Read More 

Call Center Jobs: Myths And Facts About Working In A Call Center

19 May 2015
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If you are currently looking for a new full-time job or a part-time job to help you earn a little extra money alongside your current job, then you may frequently come across listings for jobs in call centers. Like many people who have never worked in one of these centers, you may hesitate to apply, because you just don't know what to expect when working this type of job. Or, you may believe some of the common misconceptions about working in a call center or as a telemarketer. Read More