Pizza Restaurant Owners: 4 Ways To Successfully Utilize Social Media Marketing Services

10 June 2016
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Digital platforms are a great way to reach out to customers, form personal connections, and really promote your presence. For pizza restaurant orders, using social media is a great way to gain more orders, promote your restaurant, and build a sense of community. With so many social media options, it can be hard to constantly manage and keep up with different tasks on a daily basis. By hiring social media marketing services, professionals can manage and update all different forms of social media. Through this process, there are four advantages to be aware of. Each advantage will help you build a presence online and promote your business to as many local citizens as possible.

Big Events

Social media is typically buzzing about upcoming events and the anticipation that comes along with them. A marketing team can help your business slide into the conversation while promoting your pizza restaurant at the same time. For example, if a big football game is coming up, your pizza restaurant can use popular hashtags to promote the game and recommend some of your menu items to enjoy during the match-up. Along with sports, these posts can be used for other events like holidays and elections or specific times like college finals. By reaching out to a variety of specific audiences, your social media platforms can succeed in gaining new customers and really promoting the food that you have to offer.

Coupons & Promotions

When you're having a sale at your pizza restaurant, it's important to promote this sale as much as possible. Using social media platforms is a great way to feature these sales and to help see what platforms are having the biggest impact. For example, you can post a unique sale code or coupon on both Twitter and Instagram. Once the sale has passed, you can see which coupon had more success and was used more by customers. This will help you and a marketing team work on future promotions and deciding what platforms to focus on more. Running coupons and promotions exclusively through your social media platforms is also a great way to gain new followers and have people really follow the business on a daily basis. As the numbers grow, social media marketing teams can help you stay active in the digital world so you do not lose these new followers.

Relatable Humor & Connection

Not all of your social media posts should be directly related to business or advertising. As your pizza restaurant builds a following, it's important to relate to customers and offer some entertaining posts throughout the day. This is where a social media marketing team can really help. Along with funny quotes, random facts, or friendly comments on current events, your social media posts can also include memes. Memes are images or animated GIFs with funny designs or messages behind them. For example, there are hundreds of pizza memes that you can post to your social media accounts. These memes directly relate to pizza and often how delicious it is. Not only does it give people humor, but it puts the idea of pizza in their mind.

Separate Accounts

One of the biggest advantages of a social media marketing team is the ability to organize and manage separate accounts. When you are on social media platforms, posting the same messages or images to all of the accounts can seem impersonal. By truly separating accounts and making posts for each one, you have the ability to interact directly with consumers and create a personal experience. For example, social media marketing experts can respond to customer posts, re-post good comments, and ensure that your business is active on a daily basis. By engaging on social media, you can help build a solid customer base that has you on the forefront of their mind while they think of daily meals that they are interested in.

Contact a social media marketing company like Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions to help get your account set up. Once everything is properly set up, it is a lot easier to manage profiles and keep them updated on a daily basis.