How Blogs Can Lead To Increased Lead Conversion For Lawyers

6 April 2017
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A legal website is a great way to reach out to a wider range of potential clients. Lawyers that create and regularly update their blogs are creating a stronger chance that their content will convert into crucial leads that increase their business.

Blogs Are All About Reaching An Audience

A good legal blog is one of the most important ways to convert leads in the legal business. This process works by reaching out to people and converting their interest into actual contact with the lawyer. For example, a blog post with a link that leads to an important contact page can convert by inspiring the reader to contact the lawyer.

High-quality blog posts may also inspire people to sign up to the lawyer's mailing list and increase the lawyer's potential client base. A person receiving occasional messages from a lawyer is more likely to remember their name if they need to contact a lawyer later. This type of conversion is subtle and starts with great blog content.

Controversy Can Convert

Some lawyers will avoid controversial subjects on their blogs for fear of alienating potential customers. That is a mistake because controversy can actually convert leads. How? If a lawyer touches on a difficult subject and explores it in a nuanced and informative way, they are showcasing their intelligence and their training to potential clients.

Those who read the blog will find it informative and interesting and will be more likely to not only click the article headline but to continue reading. When they get to the end, they may end up contacting the lawyer about the subject, especially if it is one that is very relevant to their life.

Writing Carefully On Legal Topics

Lawyers who do try to write blogs for lead conversion need to understand how to carefully write about their topics. Coming across as a real authority is important here as it makes the lawyer a useful source of information. It also showcases their expertise and creates the idea that they will help their clients in any possible way.

When considering topics to write about, it is a good idea to research topics that are currently trending or interesting to readers. For example, an immigration lawyer could write about the problems that could occur if Donald Trump's immigration ban does go into effect. Topics like that are controversial, but important, and writing about them in a non-biased way helps convert leads more effectively.

Simply put, a blog creates an active presence for a lawyer that makes people believe what they have to say. As a result, their leads are more likely to convert and they are in a better position to make good money. Doing a blog on their own is possible, but hiring a professional marketing firm can help streamline the process. Talk to a professional at a place like for more information.