4 Ways To Improve Your Site's User Experience

17 July 2017
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When you create a website, you want people to be able to explore it, which is why user experience is so important to pay attention to. This is going to make your site a place users want to come back to, which is great for advertising whatever it is that your site is selling or promoting. Here are four ways to help you work on this aspect of your site:

  1. Think About the User: The user does not know you and they do not know the brand, so when you add anything to your site, you need to think about whether or not this is something that is going to capture the user's attention and keep them exploring. The front page is the most important when it comes to this. You want this part of the page to say everything it can about the purpose of the site with as few words as possible. Remember, users exploring the Internet don't want to take the time to read. 
  2. Less is More: Speaking of users not wanting to read, it's important to remember that less is always more. The more you can say with pictures, the better your site is going to be. This is why it's also important to create a logo that represents your brand as well as it possibly can. It's also important to use keywords to your advantage. The less filler you have, then the more room you are going to have for keywords that will draw users to your site. 
  3. Make it Flow: In order for your site to be movable, you want it to flow well. This means having a menu bar that is easy to access so that other parts of your page can be looked at. You also want easy links everywhere. If there's a part of your page someone is looking at that might interest them in another part of your page, there should be an easy link to it that is well defined so that the user knows what they are going to see if they click on it. 
  4. Leave White Space: To attract the user, you also don't want to overwhelm them. This is why leaving white space is so important since it won't overwhelm the user so quickly as they move from one image or group of text to the next.

When you know these ways to improve the user experience of your website, you can definitely grow the use of your site more quickly. If you need further help accomplishing this, it always helps to utilize the services of a web designer, such as Midwest Websites.