3 Tips For An Effective Business Website

26 January 2018
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In the earlier stages of your business, it can be hard to attract customers, which means the look and experience of your website is even more critical for attracting and retaining customers. When you design your website, there are several features to consider.

Appeal To Shoppers

Once potential customers arrive at your website, your goal is to entice them to buy your products. You cannot neglect the visual aspects of both your website and products, since what customers see on your website can influence their perception of quality and professionalism. For an online business, it is worth the investment to have your website professionally designed.

Not only will this improve the functionality of your website, but it may also help with selecting typography, design elements, and colors that can improve the customer experience. Additionally, you need to either learn to take professional photographs or hire a professional photographer. You will want your products to look the same way online as they do in person, to reduce the chances of criticism by customers. Also, techniques for proper photography, such as backgrounds and lighting, can take your store to the next level.

Emphasize User Experience

The easiest way to prioritize user experience is to take the perspective of the shopper. You may need to recruit people whose opinions you trust to go through the shopping experience on your website, or be willing to pay testers before your new design launches. User testing can help you improve the overall format of your website, such color schemes that are harsh or blend in to the background, or layouts that are inefficient or confusing.

Furthermore, having testers go through the entire process of buying products can help you determine if your website is slow or there are errors during the checkout process. As a smaller business, customers might be less forgiving about website problems and simply go to another store to make a purchase.

Turn Your Website Into A Marketing Tool

Your website should also be a useful marketing tool, such as a way to connect shoppers with your social media platforms and/or used to capture emails. Although it is important to have the option for guest checkout on your website so customers do not feel hooked into creating an account, make sure creating an account sounds appealing.

It is common practice to offer a coupon code or other incentive for signing up, especially if the person is making a purchase. You want to turn customers into repeat customers, since it can be difficult to attract customers in the earlier stages of your business. Capturing emails allows you to send gentle reminders of products, sales, and other store information that can encourage previous customers to return and make another purchase.

Having a website remains an essential part of a successful business. Being customer-focused when creating or re-launching your website will result in a positive experience for both your business and the customer. For more ideas, contact a business like Megastream.