Six Web Design Suggestions

15 March 2019
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Your company's website can introduce your services to the public, bring in business and help you form a small community for your customers. However, for this to happen, you need to ensure that your website's design is smartly done and easy for everyone to use and get the information they're seeking. Consider these web design suggestions.

Check Competitor Sites

If you're new to designing websites and don't know what your pages should have, look at competitor sites. Your competitors have already done work on their own sites, and you can get some ideas about how you'd like your site to look differently. Study how customers would navigate their sites and look at their content to jumpstart ideas which can be used on your own website.

Learn SEO

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) skills can help search engines and customers to visit your site. Something as simple as knowing to use relevant keywords in site text can be very useful. You might want to consult professional design professionals to help optimize your website for SEO purposes.

Focus on Content

You must get your customers and prospective customers to visit your site not once, but regularly. Offering fresh content to them is one way to get that to happen. Good content will include information about your products, videos of people using your products and other details which interest people. Look for news stories, current events and industry trends to give you ideas about what content you should be posting on the site.

Use Images

Remember not to just post blocks of text on the site. Images are important and can make your site more interesting. Use pictures that you've taken yourself or seek out free stock pictures that you are legally allowed to post.

Check Mobile Devices

Many people design their sites on a desktop computer or laptops. However, you should be very aware of what your site looks like on a smartphone or tablet. Many people use those devices more than they use a computer, and if the site isn't rendering properly on their devices, it's unlikely they'll enjoy your site much.

Fix Broken Links

Every now and then, you should be checking for links that are broken. Broken links are likely to confuse and irritate people. Use online tools to crawl your pages and identify places that have broken links.

Designing your site is time-consuming but can bring hefty dividends. For help, web design services, like Data Driven Design, can be retained; professionals can whip up a great-looking site that you can work with.