5 Basic Digital Marketing Options You Should Know

22 January 2020
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Looking at digital marketing solutions in the modern era can leave people who run businesses, organizations, and personal brands feeling overwhelmed. For folks trying to wrap their heads around the available options, these 5 types represent the basics.

Website Content

People use search engines every day to find services and learn about the world around them. There's a lot to be said for building a website, but it also needs to be filled with worthwhile content. Due to the way search engines are optimized, it's also important that the content is well-organized, targeted at specific audience needs, and grammatically correct. Maintaining and expanding upon content for websites is an ongoing task, and many people hire digital marketing firms to keep up with demand.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a few other contenders are places where people increasingly go to connect with businesses and organizations. What makes them challenging is that social media feeds are one part marketing tool, one part fan service, and one part customer support portal. Also, many social media systems limit the size and scope of content, and that requires users to get creative, especially when doing digital marketing in a business context. Keeping tabs on multiple feeds and maintaining them is a task that requires daily attention.

Email Marketing

Yes, email can feel a bit dated. Opt-in marketing through emails, though, is one of the most direct forms of digital marketing available. Modern email readers provide support for content, and links can be used to drive interest in website content.


One of the best ways to establish authority within your sector is to produce videos. Content on sites like YouTube can serve numerous purposes, including providing information about products, driving general interest, commenting on recent news, and making announcements.

The best video content focuses on indulging the viewer's interest in a topic. For example, an antique business might produce videos that talk about specific antiques and their history rather than directly making a marketing appeal. Many companies also find a video channel can become a revenue stream in its own right.

Mobile Marketing

This is a sector that's just beginning to take off. While sending text messages has an established history, many companies are starting to use push notifications and location awareness to more precisely target their potential customers. Location-aware systems now make it possible to, for example, send a coupon to a previous customer who's currently in the vicinity of a store.

Work with a digital marketing company to help you select the best methods for your company.