4 Ways To Improve The Design Of Your Law Firm Website

12 August 2020
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As a law firm, you need to have more than just a simple website up. You need to have a website that sells your law firm and creates trust from the time someone clicks on your website. 

Way #1: State the Type of Law Your Firm Practices on the Front Page

When people visit your webpage, they don't want to have to guess if you are the type of lawyer that they are looking for. When people can't tell what a business is about by looking at the header of the webpage, they are likely to just leave. You should state at the top of your page the type of law that you practice or show the type of law you practice through a statement or pictures.

With law firms, it is common to have a mission statement or a slogan at the top of the page that makes it clear the type of law that you practice.

Way #2: Make Your Contact Information Obvious

Second, you need to make sure your contact information is obvious. You could have a pop-up that asks people to fill out a contact us form so that you can reach out to them. However, somewhere on the home page, you should have your address, phone number, and email address.

Most people will look for this information on the footer of your homepage, or under your "Contact Us" link. Keep in mind that when contacting a lawyer, people may look you up online, but most people want a phone number so they can call and talk to you about their case.

Way #3: Use Videos to Convey Information

Videos are not just for entertainment sites or for selling products. Videos are a great way to convey information, and people are more likely to engage with a video than reading text. You should have videos accompanied by test throughout your website.

For example, you can have a welcoming video on your home page that explains the mission of your law firm and the type of work that you do. On the page for each of your attorneys, you can have a profile video that introduces the lawyer, highlights their credentials and work, and helps to humanize them. You can include video testimonial from former and current clients. You can add educational videos that help explain different aspects of the law.

There are lots of ways to use videos on your website; adding videos will help with your search ranking and should help increase engagement with your website.

Way #4: Make Your Law Firm's Credentials Obvious

Finally, you should work to make your law firm's credentials obvious. Information such as awards, notable achievements, association membership, and other elements that increase your authority and show that you are a legitimate law firm should be on your home page.

When searching for a lawyer, people want to work with someone who is good, and highlighting your law firm's credentials on the home page is a great way to achieve that goal.

You don't have to fix up your law firm website on your own. You can hire a web design firm that works in law firm website design to help increase the trust and confidence someone feels when they land on your website.