3 Reasons To Use Pharmacy Automation

20 May 2022
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When you run a pharmacy, you want to make sure that you are giving your clients the best possible service. It's important that your clients get the meds they need when they need them. There are ways that you can make sure that everyone gets what they need and you will still be able to get all your work done. One way is to use a pharmacy automation system. There are several advantages to using one of these systems. 

Lower Mistake Risk

One of the advantages of using an automated system is that it can do all the counting and dispensing of the medication. The system will even put the medications in the bottle if the bottle is near the dispenser. Another option is that you can put the bottle up to the dispenser so that the meds can be dispensed. Because the machine is opening up the medication supply and doing the counting, you are eliminating the risk of human error, which happens, no matter how careful you are. That is going to give you a lower mistake rate and a much lower mistake risk. 


Another reason to use an automated system in your pharmacy is that it is going to help speed up the dispensing process. Even if you have been dispensing medication for a while, it is still going to take time for you to manually count each pill out in a prescription. However, an automated system is going to be able to count the pills or measure the liquid much faster and more precisely than you can. Even if the automated system counts the medication a minute faster than you do, that's a minute that you have saved, and a minute less that your customer has to wait to get their medication. Those minutes all add up, and you are going to have happier customers. 


You are also going to be able to do some multitasking while the system is dispensing medication. You can answer questions, talk to other customers, and check on other orders. If you are the only pharmacist on duty at any time, that can make things easier on you. 

If you have a pharmacy, you need to talk to a company that sells pharmacy automation systems. Talk to them and see what they can do for you and your pharmacy. The right system can make everything much easier for you and your pharmacy.