How Can A Website Redesign Support Your Company's Online Marketing Strategy?

22 September 2022
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The internet has become so ubiquitous in daily life that it's often all-too-easy to forget about the nuts and bolts of your company's online presence. Social media marketing, email campaigns, paid online advertising, and more often take center stage, but these components don't necessarily represent your core online presence. 

Instead, your company's website is usually where visitors transform from leads into actual customers or clients. As a result, updating, modernizing, and optimizing your website's design and structure should be a critical part of any marketing effort. If you're mulling over a redesign or a whole new site, here are three ways it can impact your online marketing strategy.

1. Improved Performance 

Visitors browse the internet on a variety of devices under many different circumstances. While some visitors to your site may be browsing from home on high-speed broadband connections, others may use less stable mobile data plans. These different visitors can often have drastically different experiences, especially on older or poorly optimized sites.

Most consumers directly associate website loading times with their willingness to purchase from or engage with an online business. Even if your other ad campaigns are successful, you'll fail to convert those views if visitors abandon your page due to frustratingly slow load times. A modernized design can help speed up your page, increasing visitor conversion rates.

2. Better Search Engine Placement

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes many forms, not all focusing entirely on your website. However, ensuring your main site includes optimizations for search engine placement and contains search engine-friendly content is still critical. A poorly optimized site can undermine your other SEO efforts, resulting in lower page rankings and worse overall ad campaign performance.

Redesigning your site is an excellent opportunity to ensure you aren't handicapping yourself with poor search engine optimization. Your redesign will allow potential customers to find your site more easily, enhancing the results you receive from other ad campaigns. If you're already working with an online marketing company, a redesign is a great time to build features that support their efforts.

3. Improved Branding

There's no getting around the fact that branding is a critical part of online and traditional marketing. Establishing a consistent brand is a prerequisite for creating a loyal customer base, and the effects of branding can ripple across your company's entire marketing strategy. Since your website is ground zero for most customer interactions, it's a natural anchor for your overall branding strategy.

A website redesign is perfect for establishing a more consistent, modern, and recognizable brand. This improved branding will help you build more loyal, long-term customers and help you implement more effective marketing campaigns in the future.

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