Centralized Leasing—How It Works

4 May 2023
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If you are currently responsible for interviewing potential tenants and conducting property tours, some of your responsibilities as a landlord may be suffering as a result. A centralized leasing process will alleviate many of the burdens that you are currently faced with.

Centralized Leasing

Centralized leasing is a property management program that is conducted offsite. The staff of a centralized leasing facility will act on behalf of the clients who hire them. They will be responsible for advertising properties, conducting tenant screening processes, and scheduling tours of properties.

The professional services that a centralized leasing company offers will help you acquire and retain tenants. Each tenant who is recruited through a centralized leasing agent will be supplied with the ability to talk to a representative of a leasing company whenever they have a question or concern that relates to one of your rental properties.

The Level Of Service

The level of service that you receive through a centralized leasing agent will be based on your preferences. Before you collaborate with a third party, prepare a list of all of the properties that you typically oversee. Jot down some of the prerequisites that you require potential renters to satisfy.

When you consult with a representative of a centralized leasing facility, you will have the opportunity to discuss the manner in which you currently run your properties. A representative of the company will outline the services that are offered. They may aid you with listing your properties through a user-friendly portal that interested people can browse at their leisure.

If you have specific days or times in which you would like tours of your properties to be conducted, you can specify your criteria before you form a business relationship with a centralized leasing firm. 

Your Role

Once you have handed over some of the tenant acquisition processes to the staff of a centralized leasing company, you will be able to focus on some of the targeted tasks that you have been overlooking. 

If you are responsible for the upkeep of your properties, the extra time that you are supplied with will allow you to make repairs to rental units that are currently occupied and fix up units that you are getting ready to rent out for the first time. You may even be ready to invest in more properties. Because many of the leasing tasks will be handled by an outside source, you may be interested in expanding your rental property portfolio.

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